GlobalCOR (Collaborative Office Rounds)
GlobalCOR (Collaborative Office Rounds)

Welcome to GlobalCOR (Collaborative Office Rounds)

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What is GlobalCOR? 

Global Collaborative Office Rounds

The Problem

Approximately 15% of the world equaling over a billion people, have a neurodevelopmental difference or disability or mental health problem. Many of these challenges begin in childhood and can lead to stigmatization, discrimination, human rights violations, inadequate health care, high rates of morbidity and early mortality.  These problems cross country borders and an interprofessional global workforce that communicates with each other is needed. 

The Solution

GlobalCOR- which stands for Global Collaborative Office Rounds,  is an innovative online platform designed to link clinical professionals of many disciplines around the globe who care for children with behavior and developmental concerns to share resources, learn together, network and provide and get peer support.  

GlobalCOR allows participants to: 

  • Discuss cases and topics of interests
  • Form groups who share similar interests
  • Attend workshops, lectures, and livestreams
  • Create events of interest to members
  • Grow a global community of clinicians around the world who care about children's behavior, development and well-being. 

And it's free. 

Our Vision

Irrespective of national boundaries, every child’s developmental, behavioral and emotional well-being is valued and challenges to developmental and behavioral health can be addressed through effective professional partnerships.

Our Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Providing family centered care paired with shared decision making
  • Inclusion that values people with difference and disability as full members of the community
  • Non-hierarchical learning where all professionals have expertise to contribute and excitement to learn
  • Respect for cultural differences
  • Collaboration that is not limited by sociopolitical, economic, or professional boundaries

A Quick Guide to Joining GlobalCOR

Quick Guide to Joining GlobalCOR.pdf

Click the link below for a brief video to know how to join and use GlobalCOR

Joining and Using GlobalCOR.mp4

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